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Bengal cats available for Adoption

Lotus, Jasmine and Simba

Hello, My fiance and I are hoping to rehome our three 1 year old Bengals due to a recent change in our schedules. Due to the recent events we have been unable to spend the time with them that they need and deserve. They are just as beautiful as they are smart and lovable.
As heartbreaking as it is to part with them, we know they would be better off in an environment where they would have more interaction and stimulation.

Lotus and Jasmine

Bengal cats for adoption San Diego
 Lotus is a marble Bengal who loves attention and loves to sit in your lap. He is very intelligent and he's curious about everything! He does seem to prefer a litter box that doesn't go too long without a cleaning. He has had a few "accidents " but I feel that it has to do with a personality conflict with my older cat. Otherwise he is an amazing cat and would love to cuddle up with you when he's not chasing his toys! Simba shares the same father with Lotus and he is also an amazing cat! Simba loves us but it took him some time to get over his shyness as a kitten. Now he runs to greet us each day with plans to play and run in his cat wheel! He is still scared of strangers but I think he will do well after some time. He does enjoy playing with the other cats and gets along with my 12 year old domestic kitty. He has never been aggressive at all, nor has Lotus.

Bengal cats for adoption San Diego

Jasmine is Simba's beautiful sister and she is an absolute sweetheart! She is very passive and loves belly rubs! She loves her cat wheel the most and will walk on it for 5 minutes or more at a time. Like a furry gym rat!! Lol!! She has never been anything but sweet and tolerates hugs even though she likes to come to you on her own. It would be ideal to keep them together if possible but I understand that may not be possible. If it's possible I would like to keep Simba and Jasmine together. Lotus may do better by himself as he is more independent. He would do well with other cats but may be too much energy for them depending on the personality. Like I've said, it pains us both to part with them but their happiness is our top priority. If you are interested and you think you would be able to give them a loving, safe home please contact us. Experience with Bengals or exotic cats preferred.

 Pat --  206-949-3106 -- We are located in Valley Center


Evie and Pancho

Pancho aka Boy Cat
Age: 2
Pancho is a lovable, confident cat. He is very friendly and is not
threatened by people, even those he is not familiar with. He has a
beautiful coat that shimmers. He enjoys the outdoors and laying out in
the sun. He is very tolerant of children. Full disclosure, he has had
less than a handful of accidents in the home, but this is not a
regular occurrence. He is neutered. He enjoys his food, and a good rub under his chin.


Bengal kittens and cats for sale San Diego, CA
is a sweet and affectionate girl. She loves nothing more but to
be snuggled up with people. She can be skittish around other animals,
particularly dogs and animals outdoors. She prefers to be in the home.
She does very well with the litter box and she has not had any
accidents in the home. She is very tolerant of children.

Bengal kittens and cats for sale San Diego, CA

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Day Lily, Exotic Tropical plants for saleIn addition to cats we have gardened in San Diego for over 30 years. We grow bamboo, platyceriums, orchids, palms, cycads, camellias and more but especially Daylilies. Gary is on the national Board of Directors for the American Hemerocallis Society, grows over 900 of the latest daylily cultivars and has served at every capacity at the local club level. Please feel free to visit the cats or the garden.

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