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About San Diego Bengal Cats

san diego bengal catsWe had raised cockatiels, parakeets, holland lops, a doberman and 7 children but never cats. then we rescued a bengal cat and we fell in love with her. her appeal, personality, and striking beauty sent us researching bengals. the rescued cat, “one-of-two” as Gary called her, was constantly around gary as he worked in the garden. “one-of-two” was sniffing the daylilies, sneaking down into the canyon or the house and generally being a well behaved companion. one day she disappeared and to fill the void we began to shop for a bengal kitten. one cat led to another and our cattery was born.

We are located on the edge of the penasquitos canyon preserve in the city of San Diego. the kittens are birthed and raised in one of the bedrooms, near the computer, and are used to being around people from the moment their eyes are open. They are raised underfoot with lots of love and attention. Our cats are happy and healthy, bred with the goal of producing gorgeous, quality kittens with the wild bengal look.

We currently have 4 males when one would be sufficient for a cattery our size. However, by constantly upgrading our males and females from the finest catteries available we are able to remain cutting edge in both beauty and personality. we select for personality first and formost. If a cat turns out to be aggressive or shy we “pet out” that cat at a loss rather than risk shy kittens.

Our kittens have several champions in the first three generations, but even more important are their engaging personalities and their need for companionship.

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