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Supreme Grand Champion

"TheRealms  SGC Brissinger of Peñasquitos "

SGC Brissinger of Penasquitos Bengal stud

When Supreme Grand Champion TheRealms Brissinger of Peñasquitos completed his first show as an adult (8 months old), he won received 11 finals out of a possibility of 13, including - best cat, Mild and Wild - 2nd best cat, Tabby Congress 4th best cat. Judges award - best tail, judges award - best pattern, judges award - best eyes and best of all the Jean Mill Visionary Award for the male Bengal with the most points at the show.

"Brissinger" means fire. He made double grand champion in his first show, triple grand champion in his 2nd show and quadruple grand champion in his third show. On March 20th we took him to Phoenix where he made Supreme grand champion finaling in 10 of the 16 rings, 4 of which were “Best Cat”.

The breeder, Don Wright said, “Brissinger is the winningest cat we have ever produced, and I only wonder what he would have accomplished if he had been born at a different time, allowing us to show him for the full season as an adult. (The show season goes May 1st to April 30th.) Brissinger’s first adult show was Jan 30th so in 50 days, 4 shows, he made Supreme Grand Champion and is only 613 points behind the #1 Bengal in the region.

“Alex, says he is stunning. Candy cried when she presented Briss to the crowd. Sandi said Briss is the prettiest Bengal she has seen. I am thrilled to hear these people say what they do about Brissinger. I have been on a high for the past few months, and always tell myself not to expect to win like we have. Each show is different. But when Briss constantly exceeds those expectations, you have to pull me off the ceiling. Saturday was so great, Sandi saying that the top four cats in her finals ring had all been “best cat” before and they represented the best of that breed in her mind, and to put Briss up not once but twice over those same three cats, and also to Supreme him, I didn't think I could get any more of a rush. Until the last ring on Saturday when Candy cried presenting him saying that Briss was just Marvelous.”

At an earlier show a judge said if she were starting a Bengal breeding program SGC Brissinger is the male she would want. Often as I’m bringing Brissinger back from a ring a guest at the show will stop me and ask for his picture. Some will see him on the show table and exclaim, Oh Wow! After years of struggling to get 1 or 2 finals at a show I watch SGC Brissinger get 11 finals of 13 in Arcadia (1/30-31/10), then 8 finals of 16 in Las Vegas, 4 finals of 10 in Arcadia (2/20-21/10) and 10 finals of 16 in Phoenix, including a total of 9 “best cat” awards of 33 finals in 4 shows.

Suzanne and I are so grateful to Don and Lydia Wright, TheRealmsBengals.com, for making Brissinger available to us.

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Jean Mill, founder of the Bengal breed, presenting the 2010 Jean Mill Visionary Award to Gary Colby.
Bengal Cat Brissinger with Jean Mill and GaryBengal Cat Brissinger Ribbons 
Super Grand Champion Bengal Cat Brissinger
One of the nicest compliments I received regarding Brissinger was, “If I were starting a Bengal Cattery that is the very stud I would want for the foundation.”

I have never seen a more high energy cat, he loves his teasers and is a joy to have around the house. All Bengals have a lot of energy and a need to run but Brissinger seems to have 10 times the energy of most Bengals. He is a full brother to TheRealms Excalibur at Starglitter Bengals. I am looking forward to having him shown to all his titles. Once he is at our place I will try him with all of our females but until then Ronan is giving us some “to die for” rosettes and patterns on the kittens coats.

Bengal Cats Supreme Grand Champion Bengal Cat Brissinger

Bengal Cats Supreme Grand Champion Bengal Cat Brissinger
Supreme Grand Champion Bengal Cat Brissinger


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